Commercial/Business Use

Did you know business use is now included in every Carfuffle warranty? Some examples would be privately or company owned vehicles that are used by a primary driver for the purpose of light duty work like a sales rep or non-delivery route.

We have also added industry leading commercial use to our list of eligibility. Commercial use vehicles warranty receive the same coverage offerings with the exception of Roadside Assistance. Our plans have been exclusively created for drivers like Uber and Lyft to address the wear and tear of working vehicles. We know that without your vehicle you can't make money. Don't let a surprise repair put you out of business.

A Carfuffle warranty can safeguard you from costly repair bills if you use your vehicle for:

  • •    Taxi/Uber/Lyft
  • •    Fleets
  • •    Mobile Business
  • •    Trades
  • •    Service Repair Work
  • •    Lawn Care
  • •    Mail Delivery
  • •    Shuttle
  • •    Appliance Delivery
  • •    Route Delivery
  • •    Multiple Driver

*Please note that emergency vehicles and vehicles used for racing, competitive driving, or off-roading are NOT eligible.

All packages include these no cost added benefits

Towing Assistance

Flat Tire Assistance

Lockout Service

Fuel, Oil & Water Delivery Service

Battery Assistance