Is an Extended Warranty Really Necessary?

Whether you’ve just bought a used car or the car you own is about to run out of factory warranty coverage, you’re bound to have questions. Are you about to have problems with your vehicle Can you afford the repairs? Is this vehicle going to leave you stranded somewhere?

While a vehicle is under its new vehicle warranty period, you can be relatively assured that any issues will be handled by the manufacturer. But after the warranty is up, what will you do if you encounter issues? And is an extended warranty really worthwhile?

Here’s the thing: an extended warranty isn’t mandatory. It isn’t. Some vehicles will have very few issues, even after the bumper-to-bumper warranty has expired. An extended warranty is like health insurance, though. You hope you won’t need to use it, but you’re happy you have it when you do.

If the unexpected happens, are you prepared to deal with it? Willing to chance it without any coverage? If you’re not totally sure, read on.

You’re Protected from Unexpected Repair Costs

An average engine replacement is over $6,000. A steering rack and pinion could easily run $1,200 with parts and labour. Even a radio failure for most modern vehicles is $800 or more. A simple suspension repair is guaranteed to be a few hundred dollars.

Vehicle repairs today are more expensive than ever. If you don’t have a savings account dedicated to car maintenance and repairs, odds are that an unexpected repair will force you into a tough financial position. With a Carfuffle extended warranty, the only cost you’re responsible for on eligible repairs is the small deductible, not thousands of dollars.

Warranty Improves Resale Value

You won’t keep this car forever. While you own it, extended warranty is a great thing to have. But what about when you want something new?

When you sell your car, an extended warranty can be transferred to the new owner. They’ll enjoy the same confidence when driving as you do. Your vehicle will stand out from other listings because it has coverage, meaning you can demand more when you sell it.

Reliable Mechanics Work on Your Car

Never mind half-hearted DIY repairs or a visit to the backyard mechanic. When you have a Carfuffle extended warranty, a qualified technician will do your repairs at a professional garage. That reliable workmanship ensures your car is diagnosed accurately and repaired properly, saving you from lost time and aggravation.

Extended Warranties Combat Inflation

Costs keep going up. Year after year, parts and labour get more expensive. When you buy an extended warranty, it’s like locking in a fixed rate for your repairs. And no matter how many eligible repairs are necessary between now and your contract expiry, your payments never increase. All you’re responsible for is one deductible per visit.

Peace of Mind!

Absolutely nothing trumps peace of mind. Whether you’re taking a family trip cross-country or you’re doing your daily commute, you want to know what you’ll be well taken care of if anything should happen.

When your vehicle is covered by an extended warranty, that’s the kind of peace of mind you get. Not only are eligible repairs covered according to the package you choose, but you’ll have valuable extras like emergency towing, flat tire assistance, lockout service to take care of you even further.

If you’re thinking of buying a pre-owned car or you have a vehicle coming off of warranty, there’s no better protection you can have than an extended warranty. At Carfuffle, you’ll find an option that sure to suit your situation.