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Warranty Information

Do I need to sign & return this emailed Warranty Application document to Carfuffle?

When & how will I receive my final warranty document?

When does my warranty expire?

Can I cancel this warranty?

You can cancel your warranty within the first ten business days of purchase. After that date, the warranty is non-cancelable. This includes, but is not limited to, circumstances where the vehicle is sold or written off.

Please contact Carfuffle Customer Support at or cs@carfuffle.ca to cancel your warranty.

Can I transfer or renew this warranty?

Valid warranties are both transferable & renewable, subject to approval by Carfuffle.

Please contact Carfuffle Customer Support at 416-212-7838 or cs@carfuffle.ca to transfer or renew your warranty

How do I extend my term?

If you don’t use your warranty, we’ll extend another equal term for $150

If you purchase a 2 or 3 year Carfuffle Warranty and don’t make any claims for the full term, you’re eligible to purchase an identical second term of the same coverage for only $150 plus applicable taxes.

  • The original warranty must have no claims paid/authorized/pending against it.
  • This offer is only available to the original warranty purchaser.
  • The customer obligations of your original warranty must be adhered to as per the Terms & Conditions.
  • You must contact Carfuffle Warranty just prior to the expiration (in time or mileage, whichever occurs first) of the original warranty term to activate the second term.
  • A current oil change receipt may be required at the activation of the second term.
  • The second warranty term has no cash value and is non-cancellable and non-transferable.
  • This offer is not available on warranty renewals or transfers.

How do I keep my warranty valid?

Instructions will be provided in your warranty documentation.

Please ensure you keep the original documentation of your oil change (work order, invoice, receipt, etc.). You may be required to produce these items when making a claim.

Can I perform my own oil change?

No. Carfuffle requires digital or printed invoices from a licensed facility that clearly indicate your name, vehicle information, and the date & mileage of the oil change.

Where can I get an oil change done?

Oil changes can be completed by any qualified technician through a licensed facility that can provide a digital or printed invoice.

What if my vehicle’s manufacturer suggests a different maintenance interval?

You must adhere to our six month or 10,000km maintenance interval to keep your Carfuffle warranty valid. The manufacturer’s suggested maintenance intervals no longer apply as their warranty is no longer in effect.

Why do I have to submit oil change invoices to Carfuffle?

Only valid warranties are eligible for claims, renewal, or transfer. Submitting oil change invoices to Carfuffle that satisfy our required six month or 10,000km maintenance interval ensures your warranty remains valid.

I’m storing my vehicle for an extended period of time. Do I still need an oil change when my vehicle is in storage?

Storing your vehicle for an extended period of time will change your maintenance schedule requirements. Depending on when your last oil change was, you may need another oil change either before the vehicle is stored or within a certain timeframe after it comes out of storage. As each situation is different when a vehicle is being stored, please contact Carfuffle Customer Support at 416-212-7838 or cs@carfuffle.ca to find out how your maintenance schedule will change as a result.

To qualify as being “in storage,” a vehicle may not be driven at all for the duration of the storage period.

Warranty Coverage and Claims

What does my warranty cover?

How do I make a claim?

Where can I take my vehicle for repairs?

Can I use my own mechanic?

No. Repairs covered under your warranty must be performed at an Authorized Repair Centre.

Am I responsible for any repair costs?

Carfuffle covers parts & labour costs for parts covered under your warranty by paying the Authorized Repair Centre directly.

You will be responsible for paying the deductible (if applicable), diagnostic charges, & other miscellaneous non-covered parts. These costs are not covered by Carfuffle such as fluids required after a repair for example.

It’s after your regular operating hours and I’m having a problem with my vehicle – What should I do?

Carfuffle Warranty is here to serve you from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time from Monday to Friday

If you have a problem with your vehicle outside of our normal business hours, but it is still safe to drive it, we ask that you contact us on the next business day for assistance. If, however, the vehicle is unsafe to drive or is disabled, for safety’s sake please contact a local towing provider and make arrangements to have your vehicle towed to a reputable local facility. They should contact our Claims Department on our next business day.

If the problem with your vehicle is relatively minor (eg. alternator, starter, etc.) and you are able to have it repaired prior to our next business day (for example, on a Saturday), it is acceptable to authorize and pay for the repair yourself, and then contact us on the next business day for assistance with reimbursement for the repair. Provided the diagnosis and repairs are reasonable, we would be happy to assist with the cost of the repair, based on normal industry pricing standards, and subject to the Terms & Conditions of your Carfuffle Warranty coverage.

In the event of a major mechanical breakdown (eg. engine, transmission, etc.) it is important to call our office on the next business day, BEFORE any work has been started. Please note that, due to scheduling and parts supply, it is doubtful that any major repairs could be completed during the short time periods our office is closed.

I need roadside assistance. What should I do?

Our roadside assistance is reimbursement-based. Please contact a local provider to have the needed service performed: winching, gas delivery, lockout service, etc.

Call or email one of our customer service representatives, or refer to warranty documents that you received with your purchase.